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Puma, the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufacturers athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories. Puma partnered with our agency to create a launch event for the release of our DISTINCT LIFE INSPIRE shoe pack.

“Detroit INSPIRES the World”


Experiential Marketing Design Photography

INSPIRE day highlighted exceptional people who understand the power in their influence. INSPIRE DAY was about using the release of our shoe project with Puma to share ideas, connect with the community, and show the world how to use the skill of art and design to tell stories. Telling stories that INSPIRE people not only to buy the product but to activate and use their connections and skill-sets to move the culture forward.  

No other city has had such an impact on the 20th century than Detroit. The Motor City is so much more than cars, and even though mass-production of vehicles through the assembly line sped up the way we were able to get around and see the world, many people lack a real understanding of what the city and the people of Detroit represent. Detroit heavily influenced and impacted the 20th century. Today Detroit is filled with amazing people who are changing culture through business, music, politics, healthcare, art, etc. For INSPIRE DAY 2019, the shoe got the people in the door, the message made them stay. 

For the INSPIRE Campaign tapping into our network of creatives, artists, entrepreneurs etc. helped lay the foundation for our 3 month planning strategy of content creation.  In order for INSPIRE day to be something that represented our agency and the city, we had to include the people who inspire us, the ones who are in the trenches with us building from the ground up. The panelist, the speakers, the entertainment, food etc. was all represented and promoted by the real people of Detroit.