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One-time run



who they are

1XRun is Detroit’s leading publisher of fine art and a top online destination for original art and print editions. Aiming to connect artists with new fans and to connect fans with new artists, they ship to over 100 countries around the world. For 1xRun, we produced a photoshoot where the vision was to highlight the art, and the models were not in focus. We understood that this would be a fine-art photography strategy.


Creative Direction Photography

One fine-art photography definition: fine-art photography involves bringing a vision to life. It consists of creating something that previously only lived in your mind, as opposed to merely capturing what you see artistically. It’s a way to express your emotions and the way you see the world—and to share it with others.

That means when you’re preparing for a fine-art photoshoot, you should already have some vision in mind. Whether that’s a detailed plan or just a vague idea, it’s an important starting point for creating fine-art photography.