Creating an experience through customizing garments during events that will stay in the minds of the participants well after the event is over.


The “Make It Yours” workshops fall under the DISTINCT LIFE’s experiential marketing services. The goal for these workshops is to create an experience during an event that will stay in the minds of the participants well after the event is over. The MIY workshops provide the opportunity for customers to customize garments using our clients predetermined brand assets. This allows the customer to express themselves within the guidelines of the brand ultimately leaving them with something that they will hold onto for years to come. Often at events you see crowds of people, many on their phones or uploading to social media saying they are at an event that they are honestly not 100% engaged in. The Make it Yours Workshop is a live, interactive way for attendees to participate with a real hands-on experience. The MIY’s workshop will require them to actually put down their phones and move from the corners (like most attendees at events) and leave with something tangible that they made themselves. So now when they upload to their social media channels they are telling the story of the event with much more enthusiasm and sensory detail. People will forget events after awhile but they will not forget what they left with and will think of the event every time they wear the shirt. They will even repeat the story when asked, “Where did you get that shirt?” Thus the event lives on in their minds long after it is over.


Imagine after your event, the people who attended talking about it for years to come? Our Make it Yours activation with Remy Martin for Detroit Wick and Vintage Frames provided 130 attendees with the opportunity to create their own t-shirt with specially designed logo options specific to the event. Guests were extremely fascinated and many even asked “how much does this cost?” when greeted with “complimentary” as the response, you could literally feel and see the excitement in the guests faces as their creative juices began flowing. They begin scouring the table that contained the transfers for the shirts, discussing their placement choices with their friends and other attendees.

Make it Yours Activation infused the purpose of the event into every detail. Attendees began taking pictures, videos, boomerangs for their social media accounts and tagging all brands involved. Social Media pages from hundreds of attendees were greeted with a barrage of comments and engagement as everyone who was not in attendance wanted to be.

The attendees who finally got their turn for their shirt to be pressed, watched as the transfer logos were placed properly on the shirt, the heat press goes down, steam comes up and everyone claps for a design well-done.


The Distinct Life is a marketing/design company specializing in projects designed to generate energy and awareness at a grass roots level. It is the goal of the Distinct Life to provide the market with fresh and engaging projects. We have partnered with a wide roster of clients such as Reebok, Beats By Dre, General Motors, and Shinola to name a few. We help our clients create products and experiences to connect with their audience in a unique and authentic way. From the beginning stages of brand identity and social media strategy development to the intricate details of photography, art direction, and special product development, we focus on story telling and creating an emotional connection with your target. In today’s world of information overload and over stimulation, we help brands rise above the fray, appealing to some or even all of the five senses, and conveying a feeling & emotion to their customer.