Our Mission

To inspire, challenge, and celebrate culture for the betterment of all mankind.

Our Story

Rick Williams established the Distinct Life in 2010, originally as an outlet for his creative ideas.  Williams got started in marketing and brand development out of necessity as co-owner of the Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique, transforming Burn Rubber from a small retail space into an iconic, internationally known brand. Through this experience, Williams developed a visionary approach for business and brand development, leading to the Distinct Life becoming a full-service creative agency.


We have partnered with a wide roster of clients such as Reebok, Beats By Dre, General Motors, and Shinola to name a few. We help our clients create products and experiences to connect with their audience in a unique and authentic way.  From the beginning stages of brand identity and social media strategy development to the intricate details of photography, art direction, and special product development, we focus on story telling and creating an emotional connection with your target.  In today’s world of information overload and over stimulation, we help brands rise above the fray, appealing to some or even all of the five senses, and conveying a feeling & emotion to their customer.


Based in Detroit, we offer a full suite of services that includes influencer marketing, experiential marketing, creative services, product development, and social media strategy/development.

Our Services

Social Media Strategy & Management

Your digital storefront extends beyond your company walls. Social media allows you to communicate with your customers in an authentic and transparent way and failing to conquer in this arena will allow your competitors to devour you.  Here at the Distinct Life we will assign a team of people who will create a strategic plan and compelling campaigns specific to your brand that relay messages to your target audience. Further, we will engage your audience in a two-way dialogue and ensure that your brand has an authentic voice amongst all of the social media noise.

Influencer Marketing

Consumers are overwhelmed by product choices and the volume of information available today has dramatically altered the balance of power between companies and consumers.  Which brands and products do I trust and how do I find them? This is the question that most consumers ask and with the decrease in traditional advertisements, many companies are considering new methods that result in true consumer adoption based solely on influencers’ word-of-mouth recommendations to their already captive audiences. Influencers have a knack for the being “first on the block” with new music, books, art, etc. and are compelled to share amongst their inner circle.  As goes the influencer, so goes your target audience.

Creative Services

Creative direction is about having not only a great eye but also conceptual acuity and the ability to actualize a vision from beginning to end. Understanding all the technical aspects of a project are important but it is not always the single-most effective way to communicate to your target market.  Here at the Distinct Life we help you tell your story in a creative way by taking your ideas and then introducing the art and design aspect to execute an effective strategy.  Creative direction is what keeps companies in touch with their evolving target market.  Even the companies with a long, rich history need to come up for air and see what has changed in the market and develop fresh ideas and innovative ways to stay relevant.  We can accomplish this through art direction, brand development, and photography.

Experiential Marketing

Consumer experiences are a way for brands to get their message across by creating something that their customers can feel.  Brand-messaging that appeals to the five-senses is more impactful than a message that cannot.  Show rather than tell is a motto that is familiar to many creatives and here at Distinct Life we are helping brands embrace this motto by creating events, installations and experiences that allow the user to leave with a tangible memory that they will relate and associate with your brand forever.  These experiences could include pop-up retail experiences, networking events, and special product launches among others.



Rick Williams

Agency Director

Yolanda Willams

Assistant Director/Content Manager

Nick Zaher

Director of Digital Marketing

Jeremy Deputat

Director of Photography for Special Projects

Jay John

Director of Music Production