KHÅN Spring 2014 Capsule Collection


The Detroit based brand KHÅN, provides strong modified updates to everyday essentials with patterns, fabrics and cuts. Quickly emerging and catching eyes for its FW ’13 collection themed […]

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Top 5 Music Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

We could have done a list of 10 or more, but why…? Our list which isn’t in any particular order has applications that are essential for every music lover who is not still toting around an arsenal of their favorite joints in a cd case like it’s 1999. (No disrespect to those that are!) […]

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The History of Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycle Playing Cards are a world renowned playing card company that’s manufactured by The United States Playing Cards Company. “Bicycle” is one of the many trademarks by this company. A standard deck of cards consist of 52 cards in a red/black color scheme. Unknowingly, frequent amounts are produced specifically for magicians. They are often […]

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The distinct life is back with another edition to add to their growing list of playing card projects. This time around working with the American Footwear Brand New Balance. The deck is broken into two categories, the red cards feature premier lifestyle products, black cards feature notable collaborations from the past five years. Shot […]

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A Glimpse Inside Detroit’s Great Lakes Coffee Company

Navigating the streets of Midtown Detroit it’s almost hard to miss Great Lakes Coffee Company. The small chain also has 2 other locations based in Michigan. Inside the coffee shop, a greeting of mellow and natural lighting accompanied with warm vibes setting a tone for enjoyment of your occasional cup of coffee. In-store design […]

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3/26/14: Air Max Day!

In case you didn’t know Wednesday 3/26/14 is officially Nike Air Max Day. Nike is putting together another campaign paying homage to the Air Max line up. Nothing sets this off better than releasing the 1987 classic that started it all, the Air Max 1. We see this model done up in it’s OG […]

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Inside Shinola’s Detroit Based Flagship Store

Planted in Detroit, Shinola watch company now has 2 flagship locations. With a story of revival, bringing forth manufacturing and ingenuity to a wounded community. The production side of the company lays inside  Detroit’s famous Argonaut Building. Producing goods such as  watches and  bicycles. The first of the 2 flagship locations lays in Detroit’s […]

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Adidas – Metro Attitude Reptile (White/Black)

This 1986 classic sneaker returns to the streets this spring in style. Our friends over at Adidas basketball are releasing the Metro Attitude with a clean black/white color placement, and the reptile print for that extra pop. This once famous basketball shoe has now been transformed into more of a lifestyle flavor. Retail is […]

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With the growth of “juicing’ there is DROUGHT JUICE .Commencing their operations out Detroit, the company bases their image off 100% raw organic juices, creating a subculture of a healthy lifestyle. Crafted to provide a full bodily cleanse, also giving a push to the daily thought process.Provided inside of the bottle is compressed juices for […]

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    All Is Fair Agency / BAU presents: “The Good Book” by The Alchemist & Budgie

All Is Fair Agency / BAU presents: “The Good Book” by The Alchemist & Budgie

Music has magic beyond the aural. Yet, the way listeners digest sound has changed in the digital age. The days of hunting down a record, reading the credits, and absorbing the full packaging experience has been reduced to a download link and a minimal, square graphic.  Acknowledgment of that fact comes in no way […]

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